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Egypt Itinerary 7 Days

Egypt Itinerary 7 Days | 7 Days Egypt Tours

The rich, irrigated sugarcane and cornfields near Kom Ombo, 65 kilometres south of Edfu, feed not just the original community of fellaheen (peasant farmers), but also a huge number of Nubians who were forced from their farms when Lake Nasser was created.

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Egypt Itinerary 6 Days

Egypt Itinerary 6 Days | 6 Days Egypt Itinerary

It's difficult to think that this arid town, 65 kilometres from Alexandria on the western branch of the Nile, was once Egypt's most important port.

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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Tahrir Square is the largest field in Cairo, Egypt. Initially named Ismailia Square after Khedive Ismail, the name was changed to "Tahrir Square"; it was associated with liberation from colonialism in the 1919 revolution, and the name was officially established in the July 23 Revolution in 1952.

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Egypt itinerary 5 days

Egypt Itinerary 5 Days | 5 Day itinerary Cairo

Our Egypt Itinerary 5 Days will open a curtain about Cairo, the city that never gets tired. Here we will be able to enjoy the first effect of the pulsating spirit of Egypt, the pyramids of Giza, which stand out majestically against the blue sky and the Sphinx, a mystical icon par excellence. The wonders of this land also await you along the Nile; let yourself be carried gently on its waters by a felucca and enjoy its starry night sky. Don’t miss visiting the temples of Karnak, Abu Simbel, and the Valley of the Kings, fascinating relics of the past around Luxor, a symbol of ancient Egyptian culture. Finally, unwind and enjoy the seaside resort of Hurghada overlooking the magnificent Red Sea. This trip to Egypt has all the credentials to be one of the most surprising explorations of our lives! Our Top Egypt itinerary 5 days packages : 5 Days Tours in Cairo & Luxor 5 Days Cairo & Alexandria Tour 5 Days in Cairo Tour Package- Egypt holidays deals We will explain the important places to see in Egypt in 5 full days. Egypt is a very varied country; not everything is pyramids, temples, or tombs. For this reason, we are going to suggest different places so that you can adapt your trip to what you like the most: What to do and see in Egypt in 5 days? During your trip to Egypt, besides the main attractions, we recommended some unmissable activities about places to go in Egypt. For example, a romantic cruise on the Nile or Lake Nasser allows you to sail the waters that made the history of ancient Egypt. Or what do you think of an unforgettable desert safari? Finally, why not swim in the clear waters of the Red Sea? 1. Cruise on the Nile River Of course, we put a Nile cruise in the first place for what to do in Egypt. There are many ways to visit major Egyptian archaeological sites, but a cruise on Africa’s longest river is undoubtedly the most romantic. The Cruise allows you to enjoy all the most famous archaeological sites. Luxor and Karnak Temples, Valley of the Kings and Queens, Philae Temple, Colossi of Memnon, and Hatshepsut Temple are just some places visited on the trip. If we add to all the thrill of seeing the flow of this river and its changing landscape, we will realize that a Nile cruise is something to do at least once in a lifetime. Get up to 10%Off when booking one of our Nile River cruises. 2. Snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea The Red Sea is one of the main attractions and has excellent tips on where to go in Egypt; staying at one of its sites is always recommended. You can choose the destination that suits you best to spend some time in complete relaxation in one of the most beautiful seas on the planet. Sharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly the most developed area in terms...

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Egypt Itinerary 4 Days

Egypt Itinerary 4 Days | 4 Days In Egypt

Egypt Itinerary 4 days will offer you the chance to witness Cairo’s most beautiful, diverse, and spiritual tourist attractions; you can explore the enchanting charm of Coptic and Islamic sights while accompanied by a private Egyptologist tour guide throughout the phenomenal sites of the great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the city of Memphis, the extraordinary Egyptian Museum, the Citadel of Salah El Din, Khan El Khalili. A day vacation in Egypt makes you discover the wonderful city of Aswan with its attractions such as the magnificent High Dam, the unique Temple of Philae, the Unfinished Obelisk, Karnak temple, the valley of the kings, the valley of the queen, the tomb of Tutankhamun, and much more. Don’t miss your chance and book the best 4-day tour package in Egypt now!!! A Brief History of Egypt The ancient Egyptian civilization grew and settled for almost 3,000 years on the banks of the Nile River – between 3,200 B.C. and 32 B.C. The society of the time was divided into castes, and the farm workers provided various types of services in public works for the Pharaoh: the construction of the pyramids and temples, dikes, irrigation canals, etc.). Writing was a fundamental part of this society, which, through papyrus, transmitted knowledge, shared ideas, and helped in communication and the control of taxes. In addition, the pyramids, temples, and tombs have several texts on their walls about the life of the pharaohs and prayers to the Egyptian gods. Our Suggested Itinerary 4 Days in Egypt: Day 1: Visit the Egyptian Museum, Khan el Khalili /Coptic Cairo, and Islamic Cairo: The Egyptian Museum in Cairo : The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is home to a vast collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities, some dating back as far as 5000 years. This collection is considered the most significant and valuable of its kind worldwide. Over 250,000 items are shown, with a representative quantity on display and the remainder in storerooms. The Egyptian Museum is packed with thousands of icons from the Pharaonic empire, including the golden treasures that belonged to King Tutankhamun. Many priceless statues and other artifacts can also be seen, which were enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1922s when it was excavated. The Egyptian Museum is one of the first stops on most people’s itineraries when they travel to Egypt. It is home to many fascinating symbols from ancient Egypt, including headdresses, jewels, vases designed of alabaster, and toys. It is recommended that you pay a visit to this remarkable Museum, which is home to great storage of everyday objects ranging from ancient times to the Greco-Roman period. Khan Al-Khalili : The Khan Al-Khalili market is one of the most famous markets in all of Egypt, but also in the Middle East; due to its size, it is second only to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. This historical marker is located precisely in the heart of Cairo, in the business district of Al-Hussein Square, in a...

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Egyptian ankh symbol and meaning

Egyptian Ankh Symbol and It’s Meaning

The Egyptian Ankh Symbol of Life  The ancient Egyptians utilized the ankh, also known as the “key of life,” as a symbol in their artwork and literature to represent the word “life” and, more generally, life itself. At first glance, the Ankh appears to be an Egyptian cross; however, its upper bar is a loop in the shape of a teardrop. There are a lot of different theories about where the symbol came from, but none have been verified yet. In written communication, the symbol n-ḫ, a triliteral, was utilized to express the three consonants it represented. This structure was used in several Egyptian words, such as the ones that meant “mirror,” “flower bouquet,” and “life.” Historically, a tangible item was used in art to symbolize life or an element necessary to it, such as air or water. This item was commonly seen in the hands of ancient Egyptian gods. It was also regularly given to the pharaoh as a statement of faith in the gods’ abilities to defend life and restore the dead in ancient Egypt. In addition to its widespread use in Egyptian decoration, the ankh was adopted by cultures close to Egypt. The Coptic Christians redesigned it into a new form of the cross called the crux ansata, which had a circular rather than an oval loop. Since its introduction to Western society in the 1960s, the ankh has become a symbol of African cultural identity. This is particularly prevalent in the United States. Give more prosperity into your life by attracting them to you; suppose you want to enjoy a fabulous vacation during which you will learn about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization and see all these historical monuments. In that case, you should discover our Egypt Vacation packages, Easy tours Egypt and Nile Cruises, to choose the vacation that best suits your needs and wants. What Does Ankh Symbolism Mean? Ankh or Key of the Nile, meaning There is little doubt in one’s mind that the ankh symbol can be described in many ways than any other sign. Many people often consider the word “life” the “official” Meaning of the Ankh symbol. The significance of this concept is reflected in the many different ways it can be viewed, such as “breath of life” and “key of life.” The Egyptians, much like people from many other cultures, had a detailed explanation of death and the afterlife. As a result, the Ankh can be interpreted to refer to this world and the next. In addition to being a symbol of the earth and the sun, it is also qualified to be interpreted as a representation of the genitalia of both sexes. All of these explanations are connected to the concept of living things in some way. The Ankh is a symbol commonly found on tombs, coffins, and morgues in Egypt due to its significance in Egyptian religious systems. In the 1960s and 1970s, the article of clothing was usually worn by hippies as a statement against the materialistic...

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What to Pack for Egypt

What to Pack For Egypt | Egypt Packing List

If you are wondering what to Pack for Egypt or what the best clothing to wear in Egypt is, check below all the things you will want to pack for your trip to Egypt. You will want to consider the weather in Egypt, although most of the year has pretty high temperatures.

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shopping in egypt

Best 15 Places to Go Shopping in Cairo Egypt

Are you shopping in Cairo? While there are excellent shopping malls in Cairo that house the most well-known international brands, this is not the place we suggest you visit for your shopping needs while in the city.

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