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Dahab Red Sea Egypt

Dahab, Egypt, has affordable ocean-side campgrounds, gorgeous beaches, and rough mountain background that have long enticed vacationers. Dahab has evolved from its modest beginnings to a seamless combination of hippy mellowness and resort flair.

Dahab Egypt, Dahab
Dahab is a town on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula

However, on vacation, high-end eateries and European families have replaced hard-core backpackers, banana pancakes, and moonlight spliffs. Unlike much of Sinai, Dahab is still a location where solo visitors are the norm rather than the exception.

Dahab Egypt, which refers to the area’s golden sands, offers some of Egypt‘s best diving and hiking. A boat can take you within striking distance of the world-class reefs in the adjacent Ras Mohammad National Park.

Dahab is the primary location for arranging guided trips into the inner deserts and the neighboring Mt Sinai.

Dahab Egypt, Dahab
Mt Sinai

Unlike its airbrushed neighbor Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab aims to balance tourism and its fishing heritage.

It’s not always easy, but Dahab remains one of Egypt’s most real tourist towns. A paved promenade now borders Assalah’s shore, and aggressive restaurateurs may rapidly test your nerves. But Dahab remains a calm ocean-side retreat from the relentless desert heat.

A few days of clear diving, desert treks, ocean-side dining, and endless sheesha sessions in Dahab will likely make you cancel the rest of your plans.

Assalah, which stretches north along the beach, is the main tourist section.

Masbat and Mashraba are two types of Assalah. Masbat is a lively small market with a stretch of ‘camps’, hotels, and restaurants amid the palm trees near the southern end of Assalah.

Dahab Egypt
Activities to do in Dahab

Mashraba called for the freshwater springs surrounding the shore, located to the south, about near the remains (now off-limits for investigation). A modest pedestrian bridge near Masbat’s downtown is a popular area to locate cabs.

Where is Dahab?

Dahab is located on the Sinai Peninsula’s southeast coast, on the Red Sea’s shores. The city has great beaches and offers a variety of water and sports activities.

How to get Dahab?

You can reach the city by bus or van, as Dahab does not have an airport. If you are in Sharm el Sheikh, the journey to Dahab takes about 1 hour.

What to do in Dahab?

You can go scuba diving, snorkeling at the blue hole, and sea turtles at Ras Abu Galum. Dahab also offers kitesurfing, windsurfing, and free diving lessons. Leaving Dahab, you can visit Mount Sinai

and the monastery of Santa Catarina; there is the option of tours that leave at dawn to climb Sinai. The more adventurous can take a regular bus to the monastery (once a day)

and stay there overnight for those who enjoy rest and more relaxing activities; nothing better than enjoying the beach and the activities available at the hotel or resort.

Where to Stay in Dahab?

There are many hotels, resorts, and inns. It’s always good to research in advance and see comments from other customers so you can make the right choice. If you want guarantees that you are reserving an excellent place, the best option is to do it through a reputable agency.

Where to Eat in Dahab?

There are several restaurants and different prices; there are also supermarkets where you can buy food, drinks, or any item you need.

Transport in Dahab

The only mode of transport in Dahab is a taxi. It is better to agree on the price with the driver in advance. In the Old Town, the price per car is from 10 to 20 LE per car.

A taxi to Laguna costs from 20 LE. The price depends on the time of day and the driver’s mood. If the driver breaks the price – feel free to get out and look for another car.

There are two types of taxis: a pickup truck and a small jeep with an open top. Most of Dahab’s cars are pretty old, but this has charm.

You can rent a car in Dahab (you need to have an international driver’s license, a credit card, or a cash deposit), but you don’t need to – the city is small, and you can ride a bike around the city with more benefits and pleasure. Moreover, car rental in Dahab is more expensive than in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Driving in Egypt has its own specifics, generated by the lack of traffic and the habit of moving around large, deserted spaces. Road markings are entirely ignored, turn signals, rear and side view mirrors,

and dipped beams are rarely used. But, oddly enough, there are almost no accidents in Dahab.

Comfortable buses run between Dahab and other cities (Sharm el-Sheikh, Cairo, Taba, Nuweiba). When going on a trip, do not forget to take your passport with you – Egypt and Israel have a special agreement under which citizens of the two countries can freely, without a visa, move around Sharm el-Sheikh and Eilat. This special agreement applies only to these two resorts and areas. This agreement does not apply to the rest of the territory of the two states. That is why many checkpoints throughout the Sinai Peninsula have enhanced document checks. Buses and cars are stopped and visas are checked.

Best Things to Do in Dahab

1- Scuba Diving

Dahab’s most popular activities are snorkeling and diving. The reefs off Assalah are littered, although the reef near Mashraba’s northern end features table corals and a diverse fish population.

Notable snorkeling spots include the reefs off Mashraba’s southern end, right before the lagoon, the Lighthouse Reef on Assalah’s northern edge, and the renowned Eel Garden just north of Assalah.

The Canyon and Blue Hole diving spots are 6km north. The tops of the reefs are alive with life and provide excellent snorkeling spots when the water is calm.

Take note of hidden ‘extras’ such as pricey drinks and gear-minding fees at several cafés near the Blue Hole. Snorkeling and diving trips to the adjacent Ras Abu Gallum and Nabq Protectorates are very popular.

All diving centers and other locations in Masbat rent snorkeling gear. Because individual reefs contain unexpected currents, caution is advised. In Dahab, drownings have happened. And, of course, avoid alcohol and drugs out on the open seas.

Dahab Egypt

2- Jeep and Camel Safaris

Dahab is one of the greatest sites in Sinai to conduct camel safaris into the beautiful Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate. Identify a Bedouin — or at least an operator who works with Bedouins. Sadly, residents have been deprived from the tourism business, which Nile Valley migrants control. The village’s shoreline is a beautiful area to seek camel drivers.

A journey to Coloured Canyon, between St Katherine and Nuweiba, is a popular jeep safari. The canyon’s name comes from the layers of brightly colored stones that resemble paintings on its steep, narrow sides.

The canyon is wind-sheltered. Therefore, stillness is one of its most remarkable qualities.

Unfortunately, the canyon has gotten overcrowded in recent years, and many operators have started providing tours to alternative locations with more stunning rock formations and a feeling of wildness.

All hotels, diving centers, and tourist agencies provide Jeep safaris, while rates vary greatly based on the time of year, location, and group size.

3-Aquatic Sport

Rent pedalos, kayaks, and jet skis near Masbat’s northern end and the lagoon’s tourist resorts. Although the beautiful highlands of Saudi Arabia seem to be a great getaway, don’t attempt to cross.

We know of one Japanese traveler who crossed Saudi Arabia only to be apprehended by enraged border officials. Windsurfing is another popular activity at the Hilton Dahab and Swiss Inn Golden Beach Resorts.

The bay’s middle has the most consistent winds, while severe gusts sometimes hit the northern edge. Kitesurfing is also gaining popularity in Dahab, albeit the offshore winds restrict the options.

Assalah has no beaches; the rugged shoreline extends straight into the reef. To find Dahab’s golden beaches, you must descend to the lagoon region where the resorts are congregated.


Wait on the seashore at Mashraba for a Bedouin with horses for rent. Ask around the campgrounds. These trips may be scheduled through Blue Beach Club and Accor Coralia Club Dahab.

Dahab Egypt
Horse riding in Dahab

5-Dahab Nightlife

Dahab is quieter than Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh at night, but it has an excellent range of vibrant bars, some morph into discos if the mood strikes. Of course, after a hard day of diving and desert exploration, most visitors want to relax by the sea and drink cool Stellas.


Dahab, Egypt, a little settlement on Sinai’s tip, provides an incredible selection of hotels. Most backpackers go directly for Assalah’s camps, which range from simple stone, cement, or reed huts with a mattress on the floor to luxurious backpacker palaces with cushioned couches and palm groves.

The days of filthy seaside tented camps are long gone. Dahab has become more competitive, and you can get an excellent room for the price of a good supper at home.

Dahab’s growth has led to the establishment of several mid-range hotels among Assalah’s inexpensive hotels. There are also some expensive boutique hotels and resorts in town, notably on the beach near Dahab City, where you can soak up the Dahab ambiance in greater luxury.

Dahab Egypt
Dahab has become one of the coolest and chillest beach towns in Egypt.

The following list is just a tiny sample of what is available – new locations are constantly being built, and old ones are being demolished. Also, remember that rates are not set in Egypt and that most locations provide substantial discounts during the off-season. Ask your hotel about guest discounts if you want to book an activity.

7- Amusement

Dahab, Egypt, is quieter at night than Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, but it has many vibrant clubs, some morph into discos if the mood strikes. Of course, after a hard day of diving and desert exploration, most visitors want to relax by the sea and drink cool Stellas.

8- Go windsurfing 

It’s an enjoyable sport for those who love to swim and know how to dive, fly in the air watching the sun and wind draw you frankly with the sea cut, it’s an extraordinary feeling.

It must be experienced by all tourists when they visit Dahab, and they must necessarily feel this beautiful experience.

9- Go Skydiving

It`s a very famous sport worldwide, especially in Dahab. They offer this service for travelers because they know its a very fun and attractive thing; watching the fog from your seat is an especially different adventure;

you could also watch the mountains, beaches, and sea cut during parachuting.

10- Practice yoga and Safari

During your trip to Dahab, don’t forget to do desert yoga on the hot sand with the sun’s warmth and the sea’s scent by meditating at the height of the mountains.

Then it would be best to do the safari with your friends in the desert. Doing the desert racetrack is a delightful experience that makes you forget the stress of life.

Best places to visit in Dahab City

1- Blue Hole

Dahab egypt blue hole is a dive site located in a breathtaking lagoon, is a large circular opening 120m deep and 150m wide. It has become famous for the freediving championships. Still, in reality, its fame derives above all from the fact that it is characterized by the presence of corals and fish that are nothing short of magnificent and also by the presence of an arch (at a depth of 60m) covered with corals of all types and colors, which connects the Blue Hole to the open sea.

2-Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai, which reaches 2285m in height, is the second highest mountain in Egypt and is famous and a pilgrimage destination because, according to tradition, it is on this mountain that Moses received the tables with the 10 commandments. However, this mountain is also famous for the fact that from its top, which can be reached through two different paths (one of which is very steep and demanding, while the other is more accessible), you can enjoy what is considered the sunrise best in the world, with an exceptional panoramic view and breathtaking colors.

3- Canyon

The Canyon is a natural crack in the body of the cliff, which descends to a depth of 54m, and whose walls are 15m to 20m high. It is a dive site that can be easily reached from the beach and is characterized by a unique scenario: countless colorful and beautiful fish from all sides and fascinating plays of light.

4- St. Catherine’s Monastery

St. Catherine’s Monastery is located at the foot of Mount Sinai and is the oldest monastery in Christendom. The structure, characterized by a thick wall around it, covers an area of ​​no less than 7,000m2 and rises on the spot where, according to tradition, there is the bramble through which Moses spoke with God. It is considered sacred by Christianity, by Judaism and Islam (as it would seem that Mohammed was welcomed and protected here). It houses the world’s second-largest collection of codes and manuscripts (including the oldest copy of the Bible).

5-Beach in the lagoon

One of the most breathtaking beaches to visit is Lagoon Beach. Everyone told me that I will witness the most beautiful sunset of my life when I visit this beach. Well, they didn’t lie! There are not many hotels on this beach that you can book and enjoy the beauty of this landscape daily. Walking along the lagoon beach while listening to the birds chirping all around you is an experience you will never forget.

6- Ras Abu Galum

Apart from being a charming beach, like all the beaches in this special city, there are plenty of activities for you to do. Riding a jeep and going on a safari into the mountains and the Sinai desert at the edge of this beautiful beach is an exhilarating activity that you should try. Try this safari if you don’t like or are afraid of horseback riding.

7- Asala

This is one of the quieter areas you will love when visiting the charming city of Dahab. There are many hotels where you can book and enjoy daily tranquility, watching the sea in front of you. This is an amazing chance to escape the daily routine and noise you don’t need on vacation, so you can unwind after a few months of long work.

8- Salt Lake, Magic Lake

This is one of the lakes on the lagoon’s shore, which people usually visit to enjoy swimming. Many rumors are claiming that the salt in this sea is equal to the salt in the Dead Sea, which is why it is a shrine for people.
Many people use the special mud on the shores of this lake to make a face and body masks to get rid of dead skin and improve their complexion.

9-The famous city market of Dahab

You will enjoy shopping in this fantastic market. Who wouldn’t want to try or experience a shopping experience at this beachfront location? Perhaps we are tired of shopping malls dotted around Cairo inside air-conditioned buildings. But, of course, shopping in the open air and buying local products made by the hands of the Egyptians and the inhabitants of Dahab is something special.

10-Meia Meia Restaurant

After practicing various sports such as diving, camel riding, and mountain climbing, you will need delicious local Egyptian food to help you rejuvenate. It is here that the famous restaurants of Dahab come.

There are many options available for you to try and satisfy your cravings.
Meyya Restaurant Meyya is one of the most famous restaurants in Dahab, serving delicious traditional Egyptian cuisine. This is one of the restaurants voted for by travelers in 2022

on the Tripadvisor list as the best restaurant in Dahab. So if you want to taste Egyptian cuisine by the sea and sit on chairs and tables inspired by the Bedouin heritage, don’t miss this restaurant.

Dahab Egypt Weather

Golden shades may be seen in the dunes, on the city’s beaches, and even in the sky after one of Dahab’s breathtaking sunsets, which is how the citygot its name.

The tropical atmosphere of Dahab, which features year-round temperatures that average around 25 degrees Celsius, is perfect for the tourism industry (77.2 F).

Is Dahab Safe to visit?

You should not be worried about your safety if you want to take a trip to Dahab, a well-known tourist destination on the Red Sea. Since 2006, there have been no significant incidents or attacks in Dahab.

The beach community is relatively laid back, and the violent and property crime rate is meager.

Officially, the area surrounding Dahab and several other locations in South Sinai are classified as a “do not travel” zone. However, it is a tourist town at its core, so you shouldn’t have any trouble there, even though the government hasn’t guarded the city as much as it has secured Sharm el-Sheikh. You should have no trouble there.

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