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Hurghada Egypt

Hurghada Egypt is the most famous vacation destination, it was formerly a little fishing town. Despite its prominence, Hurghada is a shambles of unending building, devastation, and Russian package tourist.

Modern Hurghada is a 20km long concrete wall of guarded resorts. Thousands of abandoned and neglected building sites dot these aged pleasure palaces.

Hurghada Egypt
Hurghada Egypt is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt.

Unsurprisingly, unlawful landfill operations and careless reef usage have destroyed the reefs near the shore, and even the government admits planning errors.

The Russians also come to Hurghada in droves, while wealthier Western Europeans prefer Sharm el-photoshopped Sheikh’s gloss.

Attracted by the scorching sun and pleasant water (rare in Russia), Russians take advantage of inexpensive flights and package offers.

Sadly, the Egyptian-Russian combination is unnatural, particularly because Russian binge drinking and promiscuity are not accepted in the Muslim world.

Hurghada is famous for diving, and some fantastic offshore places are here. If you wish to dive while seeing Luxor and other Nile Valley sights, Hurghada is a good option.

However, individual tourists should go to Dahab in Sinai, where diving is excellent, and package tourism is still rare.

Due to the intermittent boat connections to Sharm el-Sheikh, you will likely have to stay at least one night in Hurghada.

Hurghada has three primary zones. Ad-Dahar is to the north. Most ‘Egyptian’ area of town, with vibrant backstreets and a busy souq. Sharia an-Nasr is the primary inland artery.

It is separated from Ad-Dahar by a sandy mountain called Gebel al-Afish, where resort hotels vie for seafront space.

In contrast, smaller two- and three-star hotels and hundreds of eateries occupy the interior regions.

This is also where the ferries to Sharm el-Sheikh arrive. Sharia Sheraton is Sigala’s central street. The resort strip runs south of Sigala, along the coast and some interior routes.

A long succession of primarily affluent pleasure domes, Western retail malls, and half-finished hotel shells.

Where is Hurghada in egypt?

Hurghada is a city in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt. It is one of the main tourist centers of the country, located on the coast of the Red Sea.

It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, and until recently, it was a small fishing village. But since the 1980s,

Egyptian and foreign investors have continually expanded it to become the premier coastal resort on the Red Sea.

Resorts and hotels offer water sports facilities for windsurfers, kite surfers, sailors, and snorkelers.
Hurghada is a coastal destination with crystal clear waters and colorful seabeds ideal for diving, making it one of Egypt’s most important tourist cities.

Hurghada Egypt, Hurghada
Hurghada is Egypt’s most well-known beach resort town

Things to do and see in Hurghada

The main tourist attraction in Hurghada is the marine life, with many corals and colorful fish found very close to the shore. Hurghada has some of the best coral in the world.

If you like to practice diving, Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh are your places to go.

1- Strands

Developers have snatched up practically every accessible place on Hurghada’s beaches. Aside from the unappealing public beach, visiting a resort is the leading choice for sand and water.

The greatest is Jasmine Village, which has a tiny reef for snorkeling and sunbathing.

2- Aquaria

If you don’t want to go underwater, you can still see part of the Red Sea’s life in the aquarium. It is located north of Ad-public Dahar’s hospital and is home to various fish and other aquatic life.

Hurghada Egypt
It is one of the country’s main tourist centers on the Red Sea coast.

3-Sea sports in Hurghada

Today Hurghada is a world center for water sports and one of the best places in the world for activities such as diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing.

The unique offshore underwater gardens are justifiably famous among divers. The warm waters here are ideal for wide varieties of rare fish and coral reefs, which can also be viewed through glass bottom boats.

4- Scuba Diving

The most excellent reefs lie offshore and can only be seen by boat or on a snorkeling or diving expedition.

Shop around for all trips. Depending on your hotel may not be the most excellent option since many guests complain about not obtaining what they expected.

Please take your passport on any boat tour; you’ll need it at the port. A guide to Red Sea diving, including suggested operators and dive spots.


If you are an adventurous person looking for joy and entertainment, Hurghada has the best opportunity to try a snorkeling adventure.

6- Boat Rides

The yellow Sindbad Submarine transports up to 46 persons to a depth of 22m.

7-Diving Tour 

Nothing in the world is better than going underwater to enjoy the tranquility of life under the waves of the Red Sea.

Hurghada Egypt, Hurghada
The beautiful Egyptian town of Hurghada is a wonderful place to spend your vacation with your family, friends, or partner

8-Visit the Museum of Miniatures :

It is a charming place with unique artistic measures, so do not underestimate it. It consists of a collection that includes around 60 creative items.

9-Giftun Island Tour

Enjoy a tour of Giftun Island, the Giftun Islands boast a beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear waters.

They can be very crowded at different times as most boat trips visit them. Take a snorkel and explore an alien habitat under the waves of the Red Sea.

Giftun Island is one of the most confluent diving points; day boat excursions for snorkeling are popular.

10Experience Desert Safari Trips

Enter different types of terrain that cannot be reached by cars and orient yourself with the quad bike. Your tour guide will help you get and access all the hidden and different places that attract most people.

11-Hurghada City Tour

A private tour with an expert tour guide gives you a fantastic tour of the Grand Mosque and St. Mary’s Church and free time to shop at the bazaars or board the submarine.

12- Food

Hurghada has several eateries. Ad-Dahar features hundreds of cheap local and Western-style restaurants. This area has the most eateries in town, with more openings all the time.

13- Amusement

Hurghada’s nightlife is fueled by a significant ex-pat population comprising diving instructors, tour guides, hotel personnel, and foreigners. There are bars in almost every three to a five-star hotel and tourist resort.

Most major hotels have a show – generally a Russian theme – and belly-dancing acts in their clubs. Most establishments don’t start dancing until 11 p.m.

14- Buying

There are plenty of apparel stores along the resort strip, pricey T-shirts, hookahs, Pharaonic antiques, plush camels, etc. But stay away from aquatic curios.

Stalls in the souq have been known to offer stuffed sharks and triggerfish lights — both illegal and likely to clash with your furnishings.

15- Sleep

Hurghada offers the most hotel options outside of Cairo, albeit most are high-end resorts. In Europe and the UK, booking in advance may result in considerable savings,

as rates vary according to season and industry conditions. Accommodations might be pricey if you haven’t pre-booked a package deal. Fortunately, supply outstrips demand, so be patient and shop around.

Ad-Dahar, Sigala, and the resort strip are the main places for accommodation in Hurghada. Most cheap hotels are in Ad-Dahar, near the shore, but seldom seen.

Sigala is an excellent place to stay near the nightlife. However, it is crowded and loud. Hurghada’s four- and five-star hotels are along the city’s southern shore.

You will get some privacy (a rarity in Egypt) but rely on your hotel for meals.

Hurghada Egypt

How to get to Hurghada

Arrive? Nothing easier! As anticipated, Hurghada has an international airport so that you can land directly on site, but other alternatives exist.

You can land in Cairo before going to Hurghada, take advantage of a visit to the capital, and then take a domestic flight (1 hour) or a bus (about 8 hours);

another alternative is to land in Luxor and then take a taxi which 4 hours.

The climate in Hurghada

This magical city has a subtropical-desert climate, with mild-warm winters and hot summers. Temperatures in December-January-February are warm,

but in the evening, the temperature can drop by an average of 20 to 10 degrees. November, March, and April are comfortably warm. May and October are hot, and June to September is sweltering.

The average annual sea temperature is 24°C, ranging from 21°C in February/March to 28°C in August. The highest temperature recorded occurred on June 12, 2013,

at 46 °C; the lowest was recorded on February 2, 1993, when it reached 0 °C.

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