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Lake Nasser Attractions

Qasr Ibrim Facts

Qasr Ibrim, the sole Nubian monument still visible on its original location, was previously perched on the lip of a 70-meter-high cliff some 60 kilometres north of Abu Simbel, but now it is surrounded by water, which laps at its margins.

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Amada Temple

At Amada, which is about 180 kilometres south of the High Dam, there are two temples and a mausoleum. Located around 2.6 kilometres from its original position, the Temple of Amada is the oldest surviving structure on Lake Nasser.

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Wadi El-Sebua

Between 1961 and 1965, the temples of Wadi es-Subua were relocated to this location, which is about 4 kilometres west of the original, now-submerged Wadi as Subua.

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Temple of kalabsha

Temple of Kalabsha

The temples of Kalabsha, Beit al-Wali, and Kertassi were relocated from a now-submerged site about 50 kilometres south of Aswan as part of a massive Unesco effort.

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Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser, also known as High Dam Lake, is the world's biggest manmade lake, situated in southern Egypt, south of Aswan, and northern Sudan.

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Nubian Village Egypt

Thousands of years ago, the First Cataract separated Egypt from Nubia, extending from Aswan to Khartoum & it was rich and continually farmed in Egypt, whereas in Nubia, it was stony desert cliffs and sandy soil separated tiny pockets of agricultural land.

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