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Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Or Jabal Moussa

The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt consists of ​​about 61,000 square kilometers; its location lies between Asia and Africa. Sinai is the gateway to Egypt from the East, divided into two provinces: southern and northern.

The northern government has Al-Arish as its capital, famous for its beautiful beaches and palm trees, while El Tor is the capital of the southern province. The tourist area is

Where is Mount Sinai Located?

Mount Sinai is an essential and sacred destination in Islamic and Christian religions, a sacred place in Egypt. The mountain reaches a height of 2,641 meters.

This mountain is located in the southern part of the Sinai peninsula; this area is considered the area that connects Asia to Africa and is highly recommended

for those who want to have a new experience climbing the mountains and admiring the natural beauty of Egypt.

The History of Mount Sinai Or Jabal Moussa

The mountain has known various names in history, including Mount Oreb and Mount Moses, in Arabic Jebel Musa. You are called Mount Moses because,

according to the Biblical tradition, it is the place where the prophet Moses spoke with God and received the ten commandments after he spent 40 days and 40 nights there; for this reason,

it is a particularly spiritual place, considered sacred by the three religions monotheistic, and is very famous in religious history as well as international tourists all over the world due to its unique nature,

which has been represented in very high mountains with exceptional heights compared to other mountains in Egypt.

Situated near the foot of the mountain stands St Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest still active Christian monastery in the world; it is part of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Mount Sinai Egypt
Mount Sinai is in Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula

How to Get to Sinai, Egypt?

There is an international airport in Sharm el Sheikh and Taba, but there is no international airport in the northern province. Also, you can reach Sinai through the

Port of Nuweiba, or you can cross the Rafah border in the North Sinai province between Egypt and Palestine. If you are in Cairo, you can go to Sinai by bus.

The most practical way is to take a flight to Sharm el Sheikh, where you can enjoy the beauties of the Red Sea, and then take an excursion to Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Mount Sinai Egypt
Mount Sinai is a particularly important and sacred destination

What is Mount Sinai famous for?

Also known as Mount Horeb in Hebrew and Jebel Musa (Mount of Moses in Arabic). On the Mount is a small chapel of the Holy Trinity, and the Monastery of Santa Catarina is at the foot of the mount.

Mount Sinai is the land of sacred inspiration, stunning scenery, and in every respect, a worthy setting for the famous historical event when God spoke to Moses through

a burning bush on Mount Sinai and where the prophet received the Ten Commandments tablets from God. . In the Holy Qur’an, the prophet Moses is also referred to as Kalimullah, which means “to whom the Lord spoke”.

The fact that Mount Sinai has this connection with the Holy Bible and other scriptures, this place has always been much sought after by pilgrims from various parts of the world who traveled to Egypt to repeat the paths of the prophet Moses.

Mount Sinai Egypt
Mount Sinai, Egypt, which is also known as Mount Horeb, Mount Musa, Gebel Musa

Why Should you visit Sinai?

Sinai is ideal for those who want to breathe and experience nature’s most beautiful spectacles. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you can be sure that a trip to Sinai will surprise you.

In a climate with 360 days of sunshine, you will find the best coral reefs in the world, the impressive mountainous desert, and the highest standard of comfort and quality in resorts and hotels.

8 things you can do on Sinai

– Scuba diving in Ras Mohammed National Park west of Sharm el Sheikh
– Hike the pilgrim’s trail, the ways of Moses, on Mount Sinai
– Visit St. Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai
– Snorkel at Lighthouse Reef in Dahab
– If you can If you’re a fan of camping, enjoy the North Beach Campsites in Nuweiba
– Go on a desert safari
– Explore the magnificent Blue Hole in the beautiful city of Dahab
– Enjoy the most famous beach towns in Sinai: Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Dahab, and Nuweiba.

Activities you Can Do in Mount Sinai Egypt

St Catherine’s Monastery is located in the middle of South Sinai’s high mountains, a popular hiking destination for the rough and adventurous. Treks may be done on camels or foot and last from a few hours to a week. Even walking, you’ll need a camel for food and baggage.

The most typical three- to four-day circuit travels to the Blue Pools (Galt al-Azraq). In Wadi Tubug, the walk takes a diversion through Wadi Shagg, which has springs, waterholes, and rich walled gardens (busts).

A beautiful Wadi Zuweitin (Valley of the Olives) trek follows, with old olive trees established by the founder of the Jebaliyya clan, according to local Bedouin. Hikers typically spend their first night here in a modest stone cottage. The trip continues via Wadi Gibal, steep passes, and the Farsh Asara and Farsh Arnab valleys.

On to Ain Nagila spring and the remnants of a Byzantine monastery at Bab ad-Dunya, many hikers ascend Ras Abu Alda or Gebel Abu Gasba (Gate of the World).

The track continues on the fourth day via more stunning wadis to a camel pass atop Gebel Abbas Basha. An hour’s climb up a very easy but steep road leads to the ruins of Viceroy Abbas Hilmi I’s 19th-century residence, with beautiful vistas (2304m).

Mount Sinai Egypt, Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai is the second-highest mountain on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

The route then returns to Wadi Zuweitin and Al-Milga. The Nugra Waterfall, a difficult-to-reach, rain-fed waterfall around 20m high, is accessible by a twisting canyon called Wadi Nugra; and Naqb al-Faria, a camel trail with rock inscriptions.

Gebel Catarina, Egypt’s highest mountain at 2642m, is a shorter walk. The simple but demanding trek takes roughly five hours to reach the top. On a clear day, the view might encompass the Saudi Arabian mountains. Another popular day excursion is to Blue Valley, named after a Belgian artist who painted the rocks blue years ago.

Several treks are available, most organized by the Mountain Tours Office in Al-Milga or by the camps and hotels.

You may also purchase firewood here to help save the mountain’s remaining trees. Before departing, make sure you register with the cops. Unless you intend to depend on mountain springs, pack purifying pills.

Then there’s a decent sleeping bag and some toilet paper. Keep in mind that it may turn quite chilly at night, with frost and even snow.


There are various hotels and guesthouses in Al-Milga (Katreen), 3.5km from the monastery and the Monastery Guesthouse. You may alternatively stay in Dahab or Nuweiba and take an inexpensive excursion to St Catherine’s and Mt Sinai.

Mount Sinai Egypt, Mount Sinai
Dahab Egypt


In Al-Milga, there’s a bakery across the street from the mosque, and many supermarkets in the shopping arcade. A few basic eateries are behind the bakery, but most visitors simply self-cater or eat at their hotel.

Refugio Katrien Delicious chicken, rice and veggie lunches are served indoors or on the patio. Ikhlas Cafe This casual eatery provides substantial breakfasts and chicken, rice, and veggie dinners.

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