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Red Sea & Sinai Attractions

sharm el sheikh

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Old Cairo is Cairo's oldest district, located in the city's south. It's a chaotic and disorderly neighbor with a lot of charm, as if time had stopped.

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Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai, also known as Gabal Musa or Mount Moses, is honoured by Christians, Muslims, and Jews who believe God gave Moses his Ten Commandments there.

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Ras Mohammed Park

Ras Mohammed National Park, located about 20 kilometres west of Sharm el-Sheikh on the way to Al-Tor, was called by local fisherman after a cliff that resembles a man's profile. The seas around the peninsula are regarded as the Red Sea's crowning achievement.

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St Anthony Monastery

The Coptic monasteries of St Anthony and St Paul are among the holiest locations in the Coptic religion and Egypt's and Christianity's oldest monasteries.

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Saint Catherine’s Monastery

To combat the negative consequences of fast expanding tourism on St Catherine's Monastery and Mt Sinai, the 4350 sq km St Catherine Protectorate was established in 1996

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Sinai, a stunningly beautiful location, has long been a source of refuge, strife, and wonder and it is an international crossroads par excellence, where prophets, nomads, exiles, and conquerors have all left their mark.

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Dahab's affordable ocean-side campgrounds, gorgeous beaches, and rough mountain background have long enticed vacationers. Dahab has evolved from its modest beginnings to a seamless combination of hippy mellowness and resort flair.

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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a very unremarkable town consisting of a few scattered buildings around a massive army installation, however this is due to change in the next years.

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Sharm El-Sheikh

Naama Bay and Sharm al-Maya are two nearby bays that make up the vibrant tourist town of Sharm el-Sheikh. The world's most renowned vacation destination, Sharm El Sheikh, has seen an unfortunate transition in recent years. An old diving town is now a gated Las Vegas-style strip with all the attractiveness of a retail mall.

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Hurghada, Egypt's most famous vacation destination, was formerly a little fishing town. Despite its prominence, Hurghada is a shambles of unending building, devastation, and Russian package tourist.

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The Red Sea

Moses purportedly split a large sea here to release the Hebrew slaves. Thanks to its stunning blue seas and coral reefs, the Red Sea Coast draws hundreds of visitors. It is Egypt's most developed region, having the most hotels and resorts.

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