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Best 15 Places to Go Shopping in Cairo Egypt

Best Places to Shop in Cairo:

Are you shopping in Cairo, Egypt? While there are excellent shopping malls in Cairo that house the most well-known worldwide brands,

This is not the place we suggest you visit for your shopping needs while in the city. You can take advantage of the markets and traditional local stores, where,

in addition to purchasing good handmade items, you can have a genuine and unique experience while shopping in Cairo.

What is the Famous Shopping area in Cairo?

In every city, there are many shopping centers, and these places are among the best features that characterize large cities, as these centers have an excellent priority for tourists and visitors,

as well as the people of the city themselves, because everyone has the desire to buy and shop; so if we look at the Egyptian capital, Cairo, we will find many,

Visiting one of the mall’s shopping in Cairo centers is very useful because many merchants gather in one Place groceries, clothes of all kinds, shoes,

Reading materials, dining halls, cinemas, entertainment, and beauty halls, are available in one place, most with extended opening hours.

In addition, there is free parking.

The mall has dedicated places that enable you to buy drinks and food and watch a movie.

The mall has become a wonderfully social place where friends and relatives gather for food, tea, or coffee,

so you can shop and buy what you want, with complete entertainment for children and adults.

therefore we chose today to have the best and most famous marketing places with us to be a guide for everyone they are in Cairo

List of Top 5 Modern Malls for Shopping in Cairo:

1- Tiba Outlet Mall

shopping in Cairo Egypt
Tiba Mall

Tiba outlet mall TIBA Outlet Mall is the first outlet Mall in Egypt and includes some of the most acceptable brand outlets.


75 El Nasr Road, Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

2- Cairo Festival Mall:

shopping in Cairo Egypt
Cairo festival city mall

Cairo Festival City, one of the best places to shop in Cairo, sometimes known as CFC for short, can be found to the east of Cairo in the Fifth Settlement of New Cairo.

The shopping center is always spotless, even on the busiest days of the weekend. There is a vast selection of retail establishments in this area,

including Debenhams, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, and Zara, to name just a few. Because the shopping center is home to a sizable Carrefour,

procuring whatever you require should not be challenging. There is a sizable food court in addition to many restaurants and cafes, most of which offer dining on the outdoor patio or balcony,

which contributes to the vibrant environment. Protecting is the most important thing right now. In the event of a crisis, the trained staff will follow the protocol that has been established.

CFC is unique because it is the location of Egypt’s first IKEA store.


Cairo Festival City, Ring Road, New Cairo.

3- Mall of Arabia:

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Mall of Arabia Egypt

The Mall of Egypt is in the 6th of October City area. It is on the well-known El Wahat Road. Some people who live in east Cairo might find the mall’s location inconvenient,

but those who try to go will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful shopping centers in all of Egypt and maybe even the whole Middle East.

Because there are so many stores, everyone’s shopping needs can be easily met here. There are many well-known stores in the Mall of Egypt, such as Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer, LC Waikiki, and many more.

Here, shoppers can find everything, from cheap stores to expensive luxury brands and everything in between.

It’s big without being too much, which is a good thing. It is the right size for a day trip, and you can see everything there is to see in about half a day.

After polling people all over the country, we found out which Egyptian shopping malls got the best marks for cleanliness and maintenance.

The people who clean the shopping center are now more determined than ever to keep it in great shape.

Also, the Mall of Egypt was safer than most people thought it would be. Tourists can feel safe knowing that the emergency response teams are always ready to help them

with anything that might happen. Also, the food scene is among the best in the world. When you go to the Mall of Egypt, you can choose from many places to eat.

These restaurants serve everything from popular Egyptian food to food worldwide. There are also many different kinds of cafes. It also has the best access of any shopping center in Egypt.

It has Egypt’s first indoor winter park, a 21-screen cinema complex with 4DX, our favorite full-sized Carrefour in Egypt, and much more. It is Egypt’s only shopping mall with these features.


Mehwer 26th July, 6th October City Juhaynah Square, Cairo 11511 Egypt.

4- Dandy Mall

Shopping in cairo egypt
Dandy Mega mall

Once upon a time, Dandy Mall and Citystars were the most famous places to shop in Egypt. Dandy Mall hasn’t been as popular as Citystars, but Citystars has stood the test of time.

Despite this, it has enough good points to consider putting it on our list of the top 10 Luxury shopping malls in Cairo. A lot of well-known stores are located in the Dandy Mega Mall.

These include H&M, M&S, Aldo, Nike, Levi’s, Timberland, MINISO, Mothercare, and many more. There are many restaurants and coffee shops to choose from,

such as Cinnabon, Cinnabon, Starbucks, Chili’s, McDonald’s, Mori Sushi, Pizza Hut, KFC, Hardee’s, Papa John’s, and KFC.

But both the inside and outside of the shopping center might need a major makeover. It’s getting old, which makes it less appealing than malls like the Mall of Egypt and CFC Mall,

which are more modern. On the other hand, no one will ever be unhappy after leaving Dandy Mega Mall. There are several indoor play areas and amusement parks that kids can go to for fun.

Regarding the number of places to shop and eat, this place is better than any Egyptian megamall.

Location :

Giza district at KM 28 Cairo – Alex Desert Road.

5- City Stars Mall:

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
City stars Cairo mall

Another luxury shopping mall in Cairo, city stars… When City stars first opened, the Egyptians were surprised by how high-quality the mall was and how many different stores and restaurants it had.

Citystars made a list because it has been around for a long time and kept its high standards and wide range of stores. Because of this, it was eligible for this honor.

Even though it is one of the Luxury malls to get around in Cairo, this is a great place for groups of any size to get together for a meal or to do some shopping.

Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, Swarovski, Cartier, H&M, Marks & Spencer, and Mango are just some of the brands you can choose from.

Overall, the shopping center is clean, but on busy weekend evenings, the restrooms were not good enough. On the other hand, you can’t find out how perfect we are in terms of physical safety.

Every team member has had thorough training in emergency preparedness and knows what to do if something bad happens.

Located in Omar Ibn Al Khattab Street – The 5th floor – Nasr City.

6- Mall Point 90:

One of the luxury shopping in Cairo In New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement, close to the American University in Cairo, you can find the Point90 Mall.

It is difficult to get there from New Cairo or anywhere else in the city. But it is tough to get there if you live in the western part of Cairo. Point90 Mall is where New Cairo

residents go when they don’t want to go to Cairo Festival City. This is a fascinating fact. Because people from all over Cairo, Cairo Festival City can get very crowded.

Point90 is excellent for quick shopping trips because it is a smaller, more intimate shopping center. There could be coffee for the students, lunch for the AUC professors, or a secret trip to H&M.

On the other hand, Point 90 is full of people of all ages on the weekends who enjoy the many things to do in the area. The vast movie theatre complex is sure to meet the needs of its customers.

There are many fun things for kids to do, such as the indoor skating rink, the Billy Beez play area, and the Arizona, which has a lot of trampolines.

The Fresh Food Market at Point90 Mall is one of the most prominent places to buy fresh food in the area. Our favorite part of the Point90 Mall’s architecture is the vast ceiling.

Because of this, a lot of natural light floods the shopping center.


The 5th Settlers’ District in New Cairo.

7- Galleria Mall:

Shopping in cairo

Even though Galleria40 is not the busiest or largest mall in Cairo, it is undoubtedly the most charming. This building is not a shopping mall because it also has office space on its upper floors.

When the office space is considered, we can confidently call this place a shopping center. Galleria40 gives off an air of wealth, even though it doesn’t go as far as The First Mall in its quest for opulence.

Galleria40 is just right because it has a lot of shops, cafes, and restaurants. The design of Galleria40 as a whole is just beautiful. When the sun shines so beautifully on the building’s glass windows,

it makes the building look like a concert grand piano. Even though it’s not a very big shopping center, this one is well-kept, clean, and safe. The area called Galleria40 is very tidy.

There aren’t many places to eat, but Dara’s Ice Cream is so famous that people come from all over the city to eat there. Galleria40 is not the best place to go if you want to find a place

with a wide range of restaurants, a good selection of shops, or fun things for kids to do. But if you’re in Sheikh Zayed City and want to drink Starbucks coffee with some of Cairo’s hippest people,

the best place to go is Galleria40.

Located in: Sheikh Zayed City

Many markets in Egypt allow you to buy all your needs and requirements at low prices. You are in Cairo, then you are in one of the most popular, prestigious,

and expensive tourist capitals of the world, and it attracts tourists and visitors from all sides, especially visitors who go to its beautiful markets that provide everything that the buyer needs from international

or regular brands, which take into account the sale of the middle class and poor. We find a variety of markets between the luxurious and expensive

and the popular ones that allow people to shop from them at low and highly acceptable prices. So, what are the cheapest places to shop in Cairo?

And do the shopping places in Cairo provide everything the buyer needs when he goes to them?

Bazaars and Streets Shopping in Cairo :

One of the essential experiences to have when traveling in Egypt trip is visiting local markets for shopping in Cairo,

A day of wandering through a busy, colorful, chaotic bazaar and seeking out the hidden treasures that can be found there.

Markets are an essential part of the local tradition in Egypt, and some markets have been housing sellers and their wares for many centuries.

The list of streets in this guide includes the most famous shopping streets in Cairo, including Al-Azhar Street. shoubra street and el khiyamya.

Best 12 Places For Shopping In Egypt

1 – Shoubra Street :

shopping in cairo egypt
Shoubra street

On Shubra Street in Cairo, looking for a place to get a coffee. If you choose to go through with it, you won’t be sorry you did.

There are hundreds of varieties of coffee that are accessible to travelers.
To provide a sample, the company exclusively sells coffee in bean form.
In addition, there is a coffee museum in the same building, where you may shop for coffee-related things and even tour the museum.
People visiting the museum can observe the old coffee grinders and mills used to make coffee.
You won’t need to visit any of the city’s local marketplaces since you’ll finish shopping in the Egyptian capital there.

2 – Souq El Khiyamya ( Street of the Tentmakers ):

Shopping in Cairo Egypt

It is a section of covered road with tent companies on either side. The walls of the tent businesses are covered in bright fabrics with patterns of flowers and geometric shapes.

They can be used as temporary decorations for butterfly pavilions and wall and door paintings. They can also be used as paintings to hang on doors and walls for decoration.
This craft has a long and fascinating history, going back to the time of the Pharaohs and continuing through the Mamluk era, which was a prosperous time in Islamic Egypt.

The Mahal was a spectacular parade that showed how the Kaaba was covered. This covering was made in Egypt until the 1960s of the last century.

It is made of gold and silver threads. Once it was made in Egypt, it was sent to the Hijaz.
Making tents was one of the first jobs and art forms people learned and perfected after learning how to build their houses out of wood.

3 – Bab Al-Luq :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
souk bab el louq

The oldest and most well-known market in Egypt is the Bab Al-Louk Market. It is in the Bab Al-Louk neighborhood and opened to the public for the first time in 1912 AD.

The market has been open for more than a hundred years.
There were fifty different shops of different sizes along the front of the market. There were grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, cutting boxes, barbershops, phone booths, offices, banks,

an ice plant, and a lane for carts and transport vehicles. Behind the market’s five gates were another 150 shops selling a wide range of foods, such as meat, fruit, dairy, fish, and bird.
The most important things about the market were that it was clean, had good airflow, followed public health rules, and had strict deadlines for letting things in and starting the hygiene period.

 4 – El-Azbakeya :

shopping in cairo egypt
Soor el azbakeya book market

This is the best place for book lovers, people who like to look for deals, and anyone else who wants to get a good book at a price they can afford.

Not only can you find books in Sour Al-Azbakeya that you can’t find anywhere else, but it’s also widely known as the place in all of Egypt where you can buy books for the lowest price.
Al-Azbakeya is in the Souk Al-Ataba, next to the Cairo Puppet Theater and the Metro Station. There are about a hundred stalls on each side of the minor road.

Even though many booksellers at a particular kiosk sell duplicate titles, each bookseller at that kiosk has his or her own identity.
You can find fiction and nonfiction books here, and the prices are fair. But the actual savings are in the technical books, which you can get for a tenth of the original price.

This makes this store a haven for medical professionals and engineers who are short on cash.
A walk around the neighborhood would not show any signs that the rise of online reading has changed the market for books in any way.

Some people come here often, but not always because they need a specific book. Instead, they like coming back because they like to look around the strange aisles and maybe find a book that speaks to them along the way.

Some people come here not because they need a book but because they like coming here.

5 –  Muizz Street :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
El Muizz street

It was named a World Heritage Site in 1979 because it was so important to the culture at the time. Since 1937 A.D., the street in question has been called Muizz Street, after the person most people think of as the founder of Cairo.
From Bab Al-Futuh in the north to Bab Zuweila in the south, the street goes between two gates in the old city walls of Cairo. Along the way, it goes through several alleys and old historical streets, some of which are very well-known, like Amir Al-Juyoush Street, Al-Darb Al-Asfar, Burgoan Neighborhood, Khan Al-Khalili, and Al-Ghouriya.

Twenty-nine different monuments give a full picture of Islamic Egypt from the eleventh century after the common era to the nineteenth century after that. There are many different kinds of old buildings.

Some are places of worship, homes, businesses, and defenses. Modern markets and traditional handicraft shops have made the old street more enjoyable,

making it possible to shop for unique souvenirs just as interesting as the rest of the city. Skilled craftspeople have used copper and brass in Cairo to make beautiful works of art passed down through the generations.

This has been done for more than 1,000 years. Candlesticks, hookahs, trays, copper tablecloths, copper jewelry, and other unique souvenirs can be bought at Coppersmiths Bazaar for prices that budget travelers can afford.

The Coppersmiths Bazaar is located in Istanbul, which is in Turkey.

6 – Khan El Khalil:

shopping in Cairo Egypt, Best 15 Places to Go Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Khan el Khalili bazaars shopping in Cairo

Khan El Khalili bazaar in Egypt is the oldest market in the middle east. Since the 14th century, when Emir Dajaharks Al-Khalili built a vast market complex on the site of the -Za’faraan mausoleum,

where the Fatimid Caliphs were buried starting in 970 A.D., the market has been open. During Sultan Barquq’s rule (1382–1399 AD), the building project was started.

This was part of his plan to rebuild and revitalize Cairo after the black death destroyed the city in the 13th and 14th centuries (1382–1399 AD).

During Sultan al-Ghuri (1501–1516), there was a big building project in Cairo during the Mamluk era. This program included building several large religious buildings and the ornate gate and upper floors of the bazaar.

The front of the bazaar comprises iron-grill windows and two giant doors that are still there today.

7 – Souq AL-Sagha:

shopping in cairo
Souq el sagha in Cairo

In the middle of Fatimid Cairo, at the corner of Al-Azhar Street and Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Fatimid Street, you can find the Al-Sagha market. Just across the street from the Al-Sagha market is the Al-Ghouriya market.
You can find the main street for goldsmiths on the side of Al-Azhar Street, opposite the entrance to Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Street. It is next to the Al-Ghouriya market.
Al-streets Sagha’s are full of shops and workshops. Some, like Salhiya lane, serve a particular industry, while others sell a more comprehensive range of goods. Some streets,

like Salhiya, get their names from the people there. Li-Din Allah
Also, the shopper can look at items from many different stores at once, and the prices change throughout the day to reflect changes in the market. Also, the prices of the items change in real-time to reflect changes in the market.

8 – Souq Al Attarin :

shopping in cairo
Market of Attarin

Visit Al-Attarin Street in Historic Cairo, near Al-Muizz Lidin Allah Al-Fatimi Street in the Al-Gamaliya District, where perfume shops are spread out on both sides of the Al-Hamzawi Corridor, and let the pungent smells of perfume and old things tease your nose. In the Al-Gamaliya District, you can find these streets. Ancient Egyptian sages were in charge of the health and well-being of the Egyptian people for very long periods. They were the ones who decided things like what to eat and what medicines to use.
When you turn off the road and onto the street, the smells you get are a mix of many different spices, herbs, oils, and oils, as well as the good spirits of people who protect and defend their trade.
He said Egypt is a good place to grow a wide range of herbs and spices. Some herbs and spices come from other places, like India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, or Morocco, but most come from Egypt. Other things that go into it are hibiscus, mint, coriander, sesame, fenugreek, marjoram, chamomile, cumin, and mugat wood.

9- Wekalet El Balah:

shopping in cairo
Wekalet el balah

The most well-known market in Cairo is the dating agency, also known as the agency. It is popular with people of all ages and backgrounds because it sells European staples and is where college students look for deals. At the intersection of Al-Shaabi and Zamalek is the wealthy neighborhood of Zamalek.
The situation changed, especially when the British troops left Egypt and the merchants who had bought the army’s unused clothes, blankets, bags, and household items brought them to the agency to sell. Because of this, the situation changed in a big way.

Before the British left, the agency sold only a wide range of dates and linen textiles from Upper Egypt. As the war ended, the “Al-Balah Agency” started trading scrap metal from the defeated English army. Since then, these traders have bought metal waste from factories and separated it into iron, copper, aluminum, and other metals used in many industries.

The organization’s original goal was to provide a place where people could buy and sell used auto parts. Since then, it has grown into a market for a wide range of goods, including clothing and textiles, heavy items like engines for various devices, and, more recently, new and used furniture sold at meager prices.
Since the group just started selling clothes, it sells new and used items. On the other hand, things that are second-sort have a few flaws, but they still get the highest prices because Chinese businesspeople want them so much.

10 – Aswan Souk :

shopping in cairo egypt
Souq Aswan

Since it is one of the most well-known tourist spots in the Aswan Governorate, large groups of tourists from Egypt and other countries often visit the Aswan tourist market.
You won’t have any trouble finding authentic Egyptian and African goods in the hustle and bustle of the Aswan Market. The Sharia Market in Aswan is the best place in the city to buy cheap gifts to give to friends and family.

The bazaar starts about four blocks from the river and goes down the Nile for about seven buildings. It has goods from both Egypt and Africa. The vendors sell many different things, like perfumes, peanuts, henna powder, dried hibiscus flowers, spices, T-shirts, and gifts and souvenirs with an Egyptian theme. The narrow streets are full of people selling a wide range of goods. Some of them are stuffed animals that look like crocodiles, Nubian hats, talismans, baskets, Sudanese swords, spices, carpets, and other things.

11-Qasr El Nil Street, Cairo

Several streets in Cairo are characterized by their liveliness throughout the day, and Qasr al-Nil Street stands out among them. This historic and vibrant street is of great importance to tourists and locals alike,

Thanks to its availability of entertaining activities and various landmarks through which the visitor can enjoy his time.

The street includes a different number of stores along with a bunch of beautiful restaurants and cafes to get a unique dining experience. The most vital attraction factor for this street is embodied

in the presence of amateurs who present some musical performances and painters and artists who display their talents to passers-by.

12-Talaat Harb Street, Cairo

Talaat Harb Street is equal in importance to any of the most famous streets in Cairo, as this street is characterized by many things that make it worthy of being nominated to be included in this list.

It includes a group of shops, restaurants, and cafes that increase visitors’ enjoyment of being there.

What is Famous in Egypt For Shopping?

Egypt is a popular vacation spot for people who like to be active and try new things. Attractions like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Luxor Temple are must-sees.
When visiting a place with a lot of history and culture, it’s only natural to want to bring back gifts and souvenirs for friends and family back home.
If you spend money on something, you might as well put it to good use instead of in a cabinet or the basement. Not only the things on our list but any other odd or funny things you brought back from Umm Al Donia could be good reminders of your time there.

1 – Papyrus Paper :

shopping in Cairo

Top Souvenirs in Egypt are the ”papyrus paper”, which is among the most purchased because they look genuine with drawings from ancient Egyptian, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic art.

You can get a printed manuscript replica of a pizza art from the Egyptian Museum or the wall of an Egyptian temple to the papyrus plant at one of the papyrus institutes in Cairo.

Those sold in the markets are made from dried banana leaves, with breathless breathing, and they are very cheap.

2 – Copperware Antiques :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Egyptian Brass and Copperware

The markets are full of stalls piled high with items made locally, from brass candlesticks

and coffee sets to huge wagon wheel-sized copper trays and crescent moons for the tops of minarets. Prices are very cheap, although the quality does vary.

 3 – Shisha Pipes :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Egyptian shish pips

The metal and glass containers used to smoke cigarettes or dried fruits and herbs have different flavors and are filtered with hookah or Water pipe.

It is a practice so ingrained in Muslim countries that you can easily find them in restaurants and tea shops, and business offices.

 4 – Egyptian Spices :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Spice shopping in Cairo

Spices are the aromatic parts of tropical plants traditionally used to flavor food, and temperate plants’ dried seeds or fruit are used the same way.

5 – Pharaonic Memorabilia :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Antique Egyptian souvenirs shopping in Cairo

The sheer number of kitsch Pharaonic souvenirs is overwhelming: alabaster pyramids, plastic replicas of Tutankhamun’s death mask,

Nefertiti dresses and many others. It is possible to find some attractive smallscale reproductions of ancient Egyptian sculpture,

and the tiny blue-painted scarabs are fun.

6 – Scarab Beetle :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Egyptian Scarab Beetle

Another famous symbol of ancient Egyptian is the ”Scarab beetle”; the little blue ones resemble creation and resurrection, as the beetle seemed to come out of nowhere, out of the mud.

The Scarab is also the symbol of the God “Ra,” the deity and leader of all Egyptian gods who created himself out of nothing.

A small blue beetle is a beautiful small gift with significant meanings of renewal, regeneration, creation, and resurrection.

Mostly made of alabaster or granite, scarabs are available in many sizes to suit bracelets and necklaces.

7 – Kilims

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Egyptian Kilim

Used as rugs and table covers, Kilims are too colorful with the bohemian spirit they hold.

Hundreds of Kilim shapes and colors will match everyone’s taste.

Some hang them on the wall, and they make perfect art pieces. They are made of Silk, Cotton, and Wool.

 8 – Galabia :

shopping in Cairo Egypt
Egyptian Galabya

Galabya is a typical Egyptian costume, and it is a long dress made of different materials covering the body from neck to toe.

Men traditionally wear it white with some red detailing on the neck, while women have a variety of colors and embroidery to choose from.

You can find them in many shops located in the villages around the Nile, as well as in Cairo’s traditional shops.

9 –  Alabaster Statues :

Shopping in Cairo Egypt
Egyptian alabaster statues

Alabaster is one of the industries recorded 7 thousand years ago on the walls of temples and the manufacture of statues, pots, and antiques.

It made it able to cut many of the secrets of the Pharaohs, as the intense whiteness of color characterizes it.

Its hardness, so the ancient Egyptians used it in sculpting statues and making decorative tools.

10. Incense

shopping in cairo egypt

Bring the scent of the Middle East into your home by bringing in incense.

Your home and heart will be filled with a warm oriental feel, like embracing the narrow streets and souks of Cairo. The good thing is that it takes up little space in the bag.

Two types of incense sticks are available. The first is the very famous agarwood or “agarwood,” which comes from a type of tree found only here.

This tree produces a dark aromatic resin that is processed into agarwood. Raw materials are imported from Far East countries like India or Indonesia.

Agar Wood is a favorite fragrance of the Egyptians, although it is as expensive as it is cute.

11-Handmade Glass Vases

shopping in cairo egypt

Since the Egyptians have preserved many different traditions and crafts since ancient times, manufacturing this type of glass is no exception. An art with an individual soul, original and very exotic – the process of making glass vases, ornaments, and perfume bottles would be nothing without the magic that bright colors and reflections bring.

The glass industry has been known in Egypt since 2000 BC, when the country was rich in raw materials. Handcrafted glassmaking flourished with the Arab conquest, as glass was used in mirrors, panels, bottles, lamps, and windows, all with bright colors obtained from metal oxides.

12-Ankh Egyptian Symbols Of Life:

shopping in cairo egypt

Ankh’s cross represents eternal life, So when handing it to a family member or friend, we wish them a long life, and bringing loved ones is usually one of the most sought-after purchases

by travelers.

It is a popular souvenir in malls, jewelry stores, and markets. In the same way, you can also get it from the material you like the most; your price will depend on it.

 Tips For Shopping in Cairo, Egypt:

  • Take your time shopping around and understand roughly what an item will be worth. 
  • You can ask your tour guide what a reasonable price would be and add a small percentage more for being out of town.
  • Always haggle with a smile, and don’t be rude or pushy. 
  • Suggest a reasonable price, and if the shopkeeper doesn’t want to sell you the item at that price, you can walk away.

Often you will find that as soon as you start to walk away, they change their mind and beckon you back – suddenly ready to offer you a lower price.


in this topic, we offer you the most famous and best places to shop in Cairo and some suggestions for the best

gifts you can get during your visit to Egypt for your family and friends.

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