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Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

What To Do In Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh is a popular international resort on the Red Sea coast. Translated from Arabic, its name sounds like “Sheikh’s Bay,” and this name is valid.

It is called the tourist center of the Egyptian Riviera and the main point of attraction in the country for travelers of all directions. It is easy to find entertainment for every taste here: beach holidays,

shopping, excursions to exciting surroundings, and evening entertainment.

The underwater tourist attractions of the Red Sea – especially the waters of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park – put “Sharm el Sheikh” at the forefront of Sinai tourism.

For anyone planning a diving vacation in Egypt, this is one of the best places to visit in the country. Sharm el Sheikh is also particularly popular for family holidays thanks to the excellent facilities offered.

It is almost always sunny here, and the weather is conducive, if not to sea bathing, then to sunbathing. And bright, rich colors in the middle of winter will be an excellent color therapy.

The 30-kilometer urban strip of the coast is entirely hotels, nightclubs, shops, and villas drowning in the greenery of gardens and entertainment complexes.

Two large reserves bound the city: in the north, it is closed by the Nabq nature reserve, and in the south by the national park Ras Mohammed.

But do not think a holiday in Sharm El Sheikh is only about the sea and beaches. A curious traveler will not be bored here. You can stroll through the Old Town and the real oriental bazaar, full of colors and aromas.

Go to visit the Bedouins or arrange an extreme rally in jeeps through the desert.

Thrill-seekers will love a camel ride, while history buffs will love the Monastery of St. Catherine, the legendary Mount Sinai, ancient Cairo, and the Pyramids of Giza.

And for the “other,” non-tourist Egypt, look into neighboring Dahab. Such a rich vacation will be remembered for a long time.

To view all the treasures of the Red Sea, it is not necessary to obtain a diving certificate. Although this is not difficult at the resort, there are many world-class diving centers in Sharm el-Sheikh.

If such entertainment is not for you, just come to the right hotel and walk along the seaside pontoons.

Purchase (or rent) a snorkeling mask from a nearby store and boldly dive in to get acquainted with marine life. Their incredible fireworks of colors and shapes will surprise and captivate even an experienced traveler!
Hospitable Sharm el-Sheikh welcomes all travelers.

Choose the right season, resort area, and hotel – and enjoy a great vacation. And our guide will help you prepare for the Dream Journey!

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Where is Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm El-Sheikh is located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, and the area was uninhabited for most of the historical time. Its strategic location is at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba

and the Suez Canal on the Red Sea coast is located approximately 23 kilometers northeast of the Gulf of Sharm El-Sheikh at the Straits of Tiran.
It is the largest city in South Sinai Governorate and is distinguished by its location that connects the continent of Asia with the continent of Africa.

It also enjoys its strategic location, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Best time to visit Sharm el sheik

The climate in Sharm el Shiekh is exceptionally comfortable, and without exaggeration, we can say that the beach season here lasts all year round. Even in January-February,
the water temperature does not fall below +18, and the air warms up to +22 during the day.
But at night, the temperature difference is quite significant; the thermometer can drop to +13, so it’s better to take light jackets and warm sweaters with you.
And in summer (in July and August), it is boiling here; the air warms up to +40 degrees. And, although heat is better tolerated in low humidity,
those who suffer from it are better off not planning a trip for the summer months.

Top Rated Attractions in Sharm El Sheikh :

1-Sunbathe at Naama Bay

Sharm el sheikh

Naama Bay is the epicenter of Sharm el-Sheikh life, characterized by its white sand beach and swaying palm palms. In addition to scuba diving, snorkeling is a popular activity in this natural harbor

in the Sinai Peninsula, which offers a lot of space to explore the underwater world. Even if you’re not a big fan of the sand, you won’t have difficulty finding something to do at Naama Bay

because there are so many restaurants, cafes, and gift shops.

If you want to spend your holiday basking in the sun, one of the best places in Egypt is Naama Bay. The entire beach area is equipped with high-quality amenities,

such as an abundance of sunbeds, umbrellas, and beachfront eateries, ensure that you won’t even need to leave your slice of sand to enjoy the day in complete contentment.

Take note that this stretch of beach is divided into distinct areas owned and managed by the hotel, all of which offer unrestricted access to the resort’s guests.

Check to see how easy it is to get to the beach from any potential accommodations in Naama Bay that you are considering booking, mainly if they are not located directly on the water.

2-Ras Mohammed National Park

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Ras Mohammed National Park Located in the extreme south of Sinai, this nature reserve extends to 480 square km. It offers a splendid panorama, to say the least: untouched deserts,

white sand beaches, and perfect sites for snorkeling and bathing activities with the possibility of admiring some of the most exotic species.

Ras Mohammed National Park is home to a wide variety of marine life, world-famous coral reefs, wreck diving, and excellent snorkeling.

Sharm el Sheikh’s place on the world’s illustrious tourist map may be directly attributed to Ras Mohammed National Park. It is home to beautiful

beaches with great snorkeling right off the shore has a fantastic saltwater lake, and is surrounded by some of the best dive sites in the world.

Everyone visiting Sharm el-Sheikh ought to make an effort to go there. Old Quay Beach and Aqaba Beach are the two most excellent beaches in the area.

Don’t miss booking your trip to Ras Mohamed National Park Sharm el Sheikh.

3-Museum of Tutankhamen

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

In the center of Sharm el-Sheikh, on the basement floor of the Genena City shopping center, in 2014, the first and so far the only large museum in the city, the Tutankhamun Museum, was opened.

Here are copies of more than 100 items discovered during excavations of the tomb of this pharaoh and now stored in the Egyptian National Museum of Cairo,

including Tutankhamun’s golden mask and sarcophagi. All replicas here are of exceptionally high quality, and only a specialist can distinguish them from the original.

In a word, to see the treasures of the tomb of one of the rulers of ancient Egypt, you do not need to go to the Cairo Museum.

By the way, each exhibit here has a sign with information in English and Russian, and, in addition, a Russian-speaking guide works in the museum.


sharm el sheikh

Navamis is a complex of ancient stone structures near the Sharm El sheik Desert, with well-shaped tombs made of flat sandstone slabs.
The most remarkable tombs can be seen on the way to the Church of St. Catherine. The diameter of each tomb is from 3 to 6 meters, the height of the walls is 2.5 meters,

and the doorway always faces the sunset. Archaeologists have discovered the remains of people inside these tombs, the oldest of which is already about six thousand years old,

and various jewelry and tools. Who buried their dead here is still a mystery. The word “Nawamis” is not the name of a specific place: similar designs are found in different parts of the Sinai desert.

Alas, almost all of them today are dilapidated, which is facilitated not only by time but also by the hostile attitude of tourists.

5-Ras Abu Galum National Park

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

On the territory of the Ras Abu Galum National Park, near Dahab, you will find high mountains, narrow valleys, dunes, and a sea with coral reefs.

A distinctive feature of these places is an unusual climate for Egypt, reminiscent of the classic Mediterranean.
Thanks to him, many rare plants grow around freshwater bodies; more than 150 plant species are found here.
From wild animals, you can meet hyenas, red foxes, mountain goats, and even cobras, which can only be found in this fantastic corner of the planet. The reserve was opened for free visiting relatively recently,

but Bedouin “mini-hotels” have already appeared here for tourists looking for peace, tranquility, and exoticism – without running water and electricity, with simple reed huts as bungalows.

The trip here from Sharm will take almost the whole day.

6-Soho Square

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Located in the Sharks Bay area, Soho Square is considered one of the most European places on the territory of Sharm el-Sheikh. It is the most popular place for evening walks outside the hotel,

but at the same time, it has retained its oriental flavor with restaurants and bars.
Perhaps that is why it is trendy among both city visitors and residents.
Elegant buildings with graceful facades, open terraces, and a dancing fountain with beautiful lighting. The main decoration of the square is the singing fountain.

The light and music show usually takes place at 20:00 and 21:00, but hours may change during the low season.
There are no old buildings in the Arabic style, only modern architecture with many shining signs and garlands. This place seems to be created for photography lovers.

Spending time in Soho can be fun and exciting. There is entertainment for adults and children: 11 restaurants, 14 bars, several shops, a panoramic cinema called “Culturama,”

and even a stage that regularly hosts performances. And what about a natural indoor ice rink? Skating when there is forty-degree heat outside the window is an absolute pleasure!
You can get to the square by taxi or bus from small hotels or on foot from hotels in Sharks Bay.

7-Il Mercato

Sharm el sheikh

It would be best if you took a walk along Il Mercato street. This is a natural island of sunny Italy in the middle of Sharm el-Sheikh, albeit interspersed with oriental exoticism in the form of palm trees and camels.

This street is not the longest, but very photogenic and incredibly romantic in the evening illumination of lanterns. In addition to the usual Egyptian cafes and the constant McDonald’s and KFC,

here you will find Italian and Chinese cuisine restaurants and excellent beer bars with an utterly European look. If you love shopping and during your stay in Sharm el-Sheikh managed to miss the shops

with familiar labels and fixed prices, then Il Mercato is also for you. Service is very unobtrusive here: no one calls out on the street and invites nowhere –

This area may seem like paradise after the Old Town or Naama Bay. Another plus: Il Mercato is not as popular as the same Naama Bay; therefore, there are fewer tourists here,

and the prices for goods and services are lower. Great place to walk-friendly, comfortable, and cozy!

8-El Mustafa Mosque

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Without exaggeration, this is the most beautiful mosque in Sharm el-Sheikh. The mosque is active, and it is undesirable to visit during prayer.

Generally, as in any existing temple, you must follow the dress code and respect other people’s traditions.
The El Mustafa Mosque, built in 2006, is located in a quiet part of the Delta Sharm resort to be accessible to the locals.

All buses come here with sightseeing tours of Sharm, but it is worth visiting this place separately to pay more attention to the architecture and decoration of the marble mosque.
An elegant building made of gray marble with a vast dome and two 26-meter minarets looks solemn and noticeable from afar.

Inside, the space is divided into two rooms – a larger one for men and a smaller one for women. The mosque is beautiful after sunset when the illumination makes the gray marble white.

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9-Water Park “Aqua Park City.”

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

There are several water parks in Sharm el-Sheikh, as in any self-respecting seaside resort town. One is “Aqua Park City,” which is part of a whole entertainment town.

Once here, you will find nine pools, including a wave pool, a “lazy” river with an artificial current, a unique channel for canoeing, and, of course, slides. There are 32 of the latter in Aqua Park City.

There are spirals here, characterized by high speed and sharp turns, slides with free fall sections, and dark closed pipes, giving hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

All of them are intended for true lovers of extreme sports, and there are quieter options for those who are not ready for such tests. Of course, little visitors of the water park are not deprived of attention either:

They have slides appropriate for their age and a “splash pool” where you can splash around without fear.

10-Tiran Island

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

From afar, Tiran Island resembles the back of a whale that has risen from the depths of the sea to the surface. The rocky mountain, almost devoid of vegetation, is bordered by the perimeter

by an impenetrable reef barrier. These reefs attract tourists in the first place: knowledgeable people ensure that there is no need to look for a better place for diving.

The underwater world off the coast of Tirana is beautiful and rich: underwater rocks overgrown with thickets of colorful corals, colorful fish scurrying back and forth,

Thanks to the crystal clear water, you will see all these fabulous paintings, giant turtles and graceful dolphins, many shells, sponges, and other marine life.

Tourists are not allowed to land on the island itself, and there are two reasons for this: firstly, the observation base of UN peacekeepers is located there,

and secondly, because of the wreckage of ships and reefs approaching the shore. Near the island, there are four main reefs, which are named after their discoverers:

Jackson and Gordon are on every list of the best dive sites in the world.

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11-Sharm el Sheikh Old Market

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

The old market, located in the southwestern part of Sharm el-Sheikh, is not old: it appeared relatively recently, but architecturally, it is stylized in antiquity.

There are also small shops, large shopping centers, and open-air cafes where you can taste the local cuisine. This is a typical oriental bazaar with fresh fruits, tea, spices, souvenirs, and unique oriental flavor.

Do not hesitate to bargain: here, it is not only accepted but also vital – the prices are very high, and sometimes it is quite possible to buy the item you like ten times cheaper than it was initially offered.

The advice to potential market visitors is simple: do not let the oriental flair turn your head. Otherwise, you will be deceived.

12-The Colored Canyon

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

The Colored Canyon, located 177 km north of Sharm El Sheikh, is a feet tall destination in Sinai.
Riding 150 km through a hot desert is not a pleasant occupation. But many tourists venture on this Journey to see a real miracle of nature, which amazes with its “lunar” landscapes and an abundance of colors, the Colored Canyon. This narrow gorge formed several million years ago is called colored for a reason: the rocks that will appear before your eyes, thanks to impurities of iron oxide and manganese,

have a variety of shades – from white and silver to bright scarlet. The canyon’s length is about 5 kilometers; the width varies from 1 to 10 meters,

and the height of the rocks rising from both sides reaches somewhere 25-30 and somewhere 80 meters. Wandering here, admiring the rich palette and bizarre forms of miraculous statues,

is very interesting – for a while, you will even forget about the sweltering heat.

13-Monastery of Saint Catherine

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

St. Catherine’s Monastery is one of the most important historical sites in Sinai and is immediately accessible from Sharm el Sheikh.
In the middle of the Sinai desert, at the foot of the mountain of the same name, for almost 1700 years, there has been a monastery of St. Catherine.

This is the oldest continuously operating Christian monastery in the world, the chronicle of which began in the distant 330, during the reign of Emperor Constantine.

Largely thanks to the patronage of the Prophet Mohammed, many Arab caliphs, Turkish sultans, Napoleon himself, Russian tsars, and emperors,

the monastery has never been destroyed or even plundered in its long history and therefore has never been closed. The monastery has always been a place of traditional pilgrimage.

Here and today, guests are welcome, regardless of their religion. Visitors, who usually combine a visit here with climbing Sinai, look with interest at the 12-meter solid walls surrounding the complex,

the impressive Basilica of the Transfiguration, numerous chapels, a garden, an ancient library, and, of course, the main shrines of the monastery – the relics of St. Catherine the Great Martyr and the famous

The Burning Bush, in the flame of which God appeared to Moses.

14-Mount Sinai

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Mount Sinai is one of the ten most visited tourist sites in Egypt. Such popularity of the mountain is because it is a sacred place for representatives of three world religions at once.

According to legend, this is precisely the peak on which Moses, during the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, received from God the stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed.

The conquest of Sinai is a long-standing, still biblical tradition, and today thousands of pilgrims come here to climb the mountain, among which there are not only Christians, Jews,

and Muslims but also non-believers. There are two ways to get to the top, located at an altitude of 2285 meters above sea level: by making a rather strenuous climb up a steep staircase

with more than 3,700 steps, which pilgrims call the “Stairway of Repentance,” or slowly moving along the so-called “Camel Trail” – mountain serpentine with a slight angle of elevation.

It is customary to climb at night to have time to meet the dawn at the top, which, according to legend, will grant you absolution.

With the first rays of the sun, a breathtaking landscape will open before you – this fantastic feeling is worth experiencing at least once in your life.

15-Serabit el-Khadim

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

An hour’s drive from Sharm el-Sheikh is one of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites – the temple complex of Serabit el-Khadim.

There, in the rocky mountains, starting from the middle of the 3rd millennium BC. Some mines produced turquoise, which the Egyptians used to create decorative ornaments,

make jewelry and obtain blue dye. Approximately in the 1600s BC., a temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor, considered the turquoise patroness, was erected nearby.

Alas, only ruins remain of this majestic building today. Serabit el-Khadim is also interesting for its numerous stone slabs, on which excellent bas-reliefs and ancient inscriptions have been preserved,

which “told” historians about the ruling dynasties of the pharaohs in those days and the life of quarry workers.

16-Sharm el-sheikh’s Papyrus Museum

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Papyrus is one of those things that, in our minds, are strongly associated with Egypt. It is no coincidence that papyrus products (but, alas, most often fakes)

are brought by tourists as souvenirs from a trip to this country. And the Papyrus Museum in Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh did not appear by chance either.

The initiator of its creation was Hasan Ragaba, an Egyptologist who devoted many years to studying the secrets of this ancient material and the intricacies of its production technology.

In this small but fascinating museum, you will learn the history of the origin of papyrus, observe the recreated ancient technology of its manufacture, see ancient relics with inscriptions,

and, if you wish, you can buy a painting made of natural, not fake, papyrus.

17-Coptic Church

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Built in 2010, the Coptic Orthodox Church is considered by many to be one of the most architecturally exciting sights in Sharm El Sheikh.

Even though the temple is not inferior in size to the El Mustafa mosque, this graceful snow-white building seems to be floating in the air.

It looks imposing in the dark when the night lights turn on. The interior of the Coptic Church is no less magnificent: the inner walls are covered with rich mosaics and paintings,

which two local artists created. The temple is open to all visitors, and do not be afraid of the presence of a checkpoint nearby, where the police are constantly on duty

this is just a forced precautionary measure, protecting you from possible aggression from the Muslim population.


Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh, like any other coastal city, has its dolphinarium. As a tourist site, it is known as “Dolphinella.” The artists are Maria, Steven, Stacey, and Mizo.

They are ready to arrange a bright, colorful show for you and your child, accompanied by dynamic music. The performance itself lasts no more than 45-50 minutes. During this time,

you will have time to marvel at the talent and many skills of beautiful animals. Children with extraordinary enthusiasm and emotions will accompany each trick and number.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll buy from an impromptu auction and take home a color painting drawn by a dolphin during the performance. After the performance, you can also chat with the leading artists.

This pleasure, of course, is not cheap, but the sensations that a person gets when he comes into contact with a dolphin are worth it.

19-Snorkel at Ras Um Sid beach

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

One of Sharm el-Sheikh’s best snorkeling destinations is Ras Um Sid beach, located at the southern end of town near the lighthouse. Here, you can relax on the beach or go snorkeling,

where an excellent house reef lies just offshore and is easily accessible by non-divers.

Ras Um Sid beach, further away from the sand, is perfect for first forays into diving and is used as a test site by many local dive operators. If you’re only here to snorkel,

there’s still plenty of variety of reef fish to see closer to shore.

20-Snorkel or dive in the Blue hole

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Sinai’s most famous dive site is the Blue Hole, just north of Dahab and 100 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Experienced divers looking for one of the best diving experiences of their life come to this most famous dive site in Egypt, the Blue Hole. Considered an underwater sinkhole with a maximum

depth exceeding 100 meters, the Blue Hole is not a beginner’s diving experience and requires the highest levels of safety and diving skills.

Despite the site’s reputation for danger, divers who stay within reason are perfectly safe here. The marine life and incredible vistas of an ethereal Blue below make this a stunningly beautiful dive.

As the Blue Hole is accessible from shore, with plenty of fish to be seen flitting near the surface if you don’t feel like heading deeper

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21-The Nabq Reserve

sharm el sheikh

Nabq Protectorate is a coastal desert landscape of arid beauty and home to the world’s northernmost mangrove forest, located just north of Sharm el-Sheikh (about 20 kilometers from central Naama Bay).

The landscape here within this nature reserve is a sight of dunes, lonely beaches, and arak bushes. It is one of Egypt’s most important protected natural sites, with many birdlife, gazelles,

and endemic ibexes. For snorkelers, the beaches here offer pristine coral reefs that are easily accessible from shore, while there is also good hiking and cycling area.

22-Dahab Day Tour

Sharm el sheikh

Dahab, 90 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheikh, is a seaside resort for those who prefer relaxation. The rocky coast here is lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants,

while a small shopping district winds its way up the main highway into a jumble of gift shops.

There is some excellent diving and snorkeling here, with nearly all of the local dive sites accessible from shore, and most people who choose to settle in Dahab are here for a diving-focused holiday.

Dahab’s relaxed atmosphere, however, is also perfect for a day out from Sharm el-Sheikh.

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23-Wreck Dive the Dunraven Site

Things To Do in Sharm El Sheikh

In 1876, SS Dunraven hit a reef while going from Mumbai (then called Bombay) to the UK, and it ran aground just off the tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

This sunken steamship is 80 meters long and is split into two parts on the ocean floor. It is home to many kinds of sea life, which have taken over the ship’s hull, which is covered in barnacles.

Divers who go to this spot can see a lot of different kinds of colorful reef fish, such as pipefish, scorpionfish, goatfish, and cardinalfish.

The boat ride from Sharm el-Sheikh to the dive site takes two hours. Because of this, the Dunraven is often part of multi-dive trips to the Ras Mohammed Marine Park or a stopover on overnight liveaboard cruises to the Thistlegorm wreck. In Egypt, both of these choices are popular.

24-Dive Jackson Reef


Almost all the scuba divers who come to Sharm el-Sheikh make it a point to stop by Jackson Reef while in the Gulf of Aqaba region of the Red Sea. This region is home to some of the most popular dive sites in Sharm el-Sheikh.

This reef is the most northern of the group that makes up the Straits of Tiran, and it is known for being one of the most incredible spots in the area to watch hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

At this reef, in addition to the many various types of hard and soft coral gardens that may be explored, there is also the sunken wreck of the ship Lara, which occurred in 1981. More experienced divers can explore this wreck.

25-Dive the Yolanda Reef

Yolanda Reef, also known as Jolanda Reef, is widely regarded as one of the best dive spots in the vicinity of Ras Mohammed Marine Park.

Dive cruises here (which can be accessed by boat from Sharm el-Sheikh) typically include Shark Reef as well, making this a two-for-one offer with the opportunity to see a kaleidoscope of fish life and corals.

The wreck of the Yolanda may be found on Yolanda Reef. The Yolanda was an ancient Cypriot freighter ship that ran aground on the reef in 1980 while carrying a load of toilet porcelain.

In addition to being the most exciting part of investigating the wreck site, the sheer coral cliffs of Shark Reef, which are rainbow-colored and lead to the wreck, and the coral garden plateau of Yolanda Reef are both excellent places to see marine life.

Divers here frequently observe various marine life, including scorpions, crocodile fish, turtles, moray eels, and barracuda.

26-Dive the Thistlegorm Wreck

sharm el sheikh

Many seasoned scuba divers believe that a trip to Sharm el-Sheikh lacks something important if it does not include at least one dive on the Thistlegorm.

During World War II, German bombers sank this cargo ship while it was making its way to resupply British soldiers. The boat was on its way to resupply British forces. It is currently widely regarded as one of the top wrecks dives in the entire globe and as one of the most popular tourist sites in all of Egypt.

Instead of the jeeps, motorbikes, and weapons meant to be dispatched to the front but never delivered, its chambers and cargo areas are now frequented by fish.

This is because these vehicles and armaments were never delivered.

Dive excursions to the wreck, located in the Straits of Gubal off the western coast of the Sinai Peninsula, often continue for two days and demand that divers spend the night onboard a liveaboard vessel.

In addition to the Dunraven wreck and other dive sites in Ras Mohammed, the Thistlegorm wreck is frequently visited twice throughout these diving excursions.

At the Thistlegorm area, some tours also include night dives in their offerings.

27-Karting Ghibli

Sharm el sheikh

Fans of extreme sports who are bored in their hotel in Sharm El Sheikh can visit the Ghibli Karting Club. It is located on the outskirts of Naama Bay, on Peace Road. The karting club got its name

from the North African wind. The power of this wind reminded the creators of the extreme speeds and control of the engines. Today, visitors to the Ghibli Club can feel all this power by riding a race car around the track.

On the territory of the karting club, there are five excellent tracks and an oversized garage with karts. World-class stars have already ridden on these tracks: David Coulthard, Gianni Morbidelli,

and Michael Schumacher. There are maps suitable for riders of all levels, including beginners, and park staff will help you with all the preparations for a successful ride.

For professional racing drivers, there is an opportunity to leave your kart in the garage, as well as conduct training sessions, and participate in various competitions.

The karting club’s main priority is drivers’ safety and compliance with safety regulations; the club always follows the standards set by the MSA (British Motorsports Association).