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So much to discover in Egypt, so our Egypt Travel Blog helps you to know more about history, activities, and tours around all of Egypt.

We try to give you some information about Egypt like the best tourist attractions you should visit, Egypt travel tips, the best activities you should enjoy during your vacation in Egypt.

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Things to know when planning your trip to Egypt
When to go
Don't leave home without.
Tips for Women Travelers
Tips For Traveling Responsibly

The best time to visit Egypt depends on where you want to go. Generally speaking, winter (December to February) is the tourist high season and summer (June to August) is the low season in all parts of the country except on the coasts, and to a lesser degree in Cairo.

Weather-wise, June to August is unbearable almost anywhere south of Cairo, especially around Luxor and Aswan, where daytime temperatures soar up to 40°C. Summer in Cairo is almost as hot.

When visiting somewhere such as Luxor, winter is easily the most comfortable time. Cairo isn’t quite as pleasant, with often overcast skies and chilly evenings, while up on the Mediterranean coast Alexandria is subject to frequent downpours resulting in flooded, muddy streets. Even Sinai’s beaches are a little too chilly for sunbathing in January.

The happiest compromise for an all-Egypt trip is to visit in spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November).

There is very little that you might need and won’t be able to find in Egypt. That said, you may not have the same degree of choice as at home.

So bring sunglasses, a torch (flashlight), sunscreen and a hat. If you’re a light sleeper you may also want to bring earplugs.

If you are visiting during winter, a sweater or light jacket is necessary for evenings, especially in desert areas.

Here’re the most important things you should bring it with you.
Hats, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Comfortable walking shoes, Power Adapters, Medication, Camera, Alcoholic Beverages.

Khan El Khalili

  • Wear a wedding ring. Generally, Egyptian men seem to have more respect for a married woman.
  • If you are traveling with a man, it is better to say you’re married rather than ‘just friends’.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with an Egyptian man unless you know him well; dark sunglasses help, mirrored ones are even better.
  • Try not to respond to an obnoxious comment from a man – act as if you didn’t hear it.
  • Be careful in crowds and other situations where you are crammed between people as it is not unusual for crude things to happen behind you.
  • Keep your distance. Remember that even innocent, friendly talk can be misconstrued as flirtation by men unused to close interaction with women. Ditto for any physical contact.

  • Be wary when horse or camel riding, especially at touristy places. It’s not unknown for a guy to ride close to you and grab your horse, among other things. Riding with an unknown man on a horse or camel should be avoided.
  • You may find it handy to learn Arabic for ‘don’t touch me’ (la’ tilmasni). Also worth memorizing is ihtirim nafsak (literally ‘behave yourself’) or haasib eedak (watch your hand). Swearing at would-be Romeos will only make matters worse.
  • If you do get groped, don’t expect people to be ashamed or apologize if you call them out. Most guys will just sort of stare at you blankly and wander away. So all the advice to ignore, ignore, ignore is wiser – you won’t be standing there with your adrenaline running, shouting and feeling like an idiot.
  • Being befriended by an Egyptian woman is a great way to learn more about life in Egypt and, at the same time, have someone nonthreatening to guide you around. Getting to know an Egyptian woman is, however, easier said than done. All we can say is seize on whatever opportunities you get.

  • Learn the language. Although English is widely spoken as a second language in Egypt, make an effort to learn a bit of Arabic. Knowing the basic greetings will win the respect of locals, and a firm command of the numbers will give you some bargaining power.
  • Sail the Nile. Until recently feluccas were the only sail-powered option, but there are now a growing number of cruises, most of them operating between Esna and Aswan.
  • Rent a bike. The opening of the bridge across the Nile in Luxor has seen a huge rise in the number of coaches and taxis on the West Bank, with all the usual issues of pollution. But bikes are easy to rent on both sides of the river and slow traveling gives a different perspective on the country you pass through.
  • Don’t bribe guards. Do give them a present if you want – they are paid so little that any amount will be welcome. But don’t exploit your economic superiority by bribing them to let you do things you shouldn’t do.
  • Dress conservatively. Rural areas in the deserts are home to very conservative communities that do not see many travelers. Be cautious with revealing dress, showing affection in public and any behavior that may offend sensibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Egypt safe to visit?

Yes, Egypt is very safe to visit. Many tourists visit Egypt every year for centuries and the Egyptian people enjoy a good reputation because of the good treatment and hospitality towards visitors. Egyptian cities are generally very safe, especially in areas visited by tourists. In addition, the Egyptian army and police secure all archaeological sites, and you will feel safe in your surroundings. Egypt is proud of its high safety record of tourism and will do its best to keep this up all the time.

Who needs a visa for Egypt?

Visitors to Egypt should have a passport valid for a minimum of six months when arriving and everyone foreign nationals should acquire a visa to enter Egypt. you’ll apply for a traveler visa at any Egyptian embassy or diplomatic building round the world.
Passengers of the subsequent nationalities can buy a one-month visa while not applying upon arrival in Egypt: Australia, Canada, Croatia, EU, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, Republic of Choson, state, Serbia, Ukraine, UK and also US. This solely takes a number of minutes to try and do within the bank window before looking customs

Egypt usually has 3 sorts of visas:

1- Entry Visa – valid for one month; granted to any non-Egyptian nationals coming into the country while not an antecedently purchased visa
2- Transit visa – granted to any non-Egyptian nationals coming into the country for a such as the amount of your time for reasons of transit
3- Tourist visa – valid for up to three months Associate in Nursingd accessible with single or multiple entries; purchased by the bulk of tourists to Egypt from an Egyptian embassy or diplomatic building before arrival within the country.

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Is it safe for women to travel alone?

Many women travel alone and have found that they have been safe. The police, tourist police, and army are always close by and the Egyptians themselves are generally safe and will try to protect solo travelers. On the whole, it is generally safer for a solo female traveler in Egypt than places like Greece, Italy or Spain.

Although the chances of being confronted are almost negligible, please ensure that you take the same precautions that you would anywhere else and do not be tempted to walk in deserted areas alone: get a taxi back to your abode! You may receive some invitations, which on the whole are innocent, do not accept any of these from strangers.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is in autumn (September – November) and spring (February – April). The weather is relatively cold from December to January, except in the south, where winter is very mild. Sometimes summer should be avoided for climatic reasons. Cairo is hot and attractive in most of June through August, and most residents spend their holidays during this period, if possible. Upper Egypt and even the Red Sea coast can be uncomfortably hot during the summer.

What is the best things to do in Egypt?

There are a lot of things to do for the foreign traveler in Egypt. Apart from visiting and seeing ancient Egyptian temples and ancient artifacts in ancient Egypt, there is also plenty to see inside each city. In fact, every city in Egypt has its own charm of the things you see through its history, culture, activities and people who are often different from their nature from people from other parts of Egypt. Cairo, for example, has a lot to do and see. Besides ancient Egyptian history, there is the history of the Romans, Greeks, Byzantine Empire, Islamic Empire, Ottomans and finally the modern history of Egypt.

What to wear while visiting Egypt?

There is no specific law on tourist clothing in Egypt so you can wear whatever you want, but there are some tips to keep in mind:

* The weather can get chilly at night on the river so bring something a bit warmer for a late-night drink on the deck.
Avoid too much-exposed skin. Shorts, for both men and women, are not acceptable when walking around town (but are fine on the boat or beach).

* Women should also avoid skimpy tops that leave shoulders or midriffs bare and short skirts. However, it is not necessary for women to cover their hair.

* Shoes must be removed before entering a mosque and there are often a shoe rack and shoe guardian at the door for this purpose.

* It is also essential that proper clothing is worn when entering a mosque – people wearing shorts or sleeveless T-shirts may be refused admission or offered a shawl to cover up with.

What to take when travelling to Egypt?

You can buy most things in Egypt but there are some things that you should bring with you if you want, such as a sunscreen, a full hat to protect your face from the sun, a lock for your luggage and any medications you take except of course banned drugs. Egyptian pharmacies are very good, but the drug may be subject to names unknown to you. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is indispensable for wandering the ancient Egyptian archaeological sites. Do not forget that the most important thing to bring with you is the camera in order to take memorable pictures.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy your trip and have a great time.

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